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A Bold Platform for a Sustainable Future

1PM provides a broad, non-partisan platform made up of news, stories and original shows that are rooted in a sustainability framework that emphasize science, facts and solutions-oriented journalism.

The Audience You Want to Reach

The target audience for 1PM skews young adults, and consists primarily of Millennials and Gen Z ages 18 - 40. Millennials are now fully loaded into the labor force, and number about 72.3 million 25-41-year-olds in the U.S. market. Larger than the Baby Boom generation, the Millennial's purchasing power has now surpassed $2.5 trillion. Right behind the Millennials in size are Gen Z, who are now graduating out of college and joining the millennials in the workforce.

These generations have expressed the most concern about the state of our planet, and firmly side with 99% of climate scientists who say that climate change is driven by humans. They also believe that government and corporations should be taking more responsibility for environmental stewardship. They know that climate change is going to have a significant impact on the planet during their lifetimes and generations beyond, so they expect to be a part of the solution. Support 1pm and align with a message that is solutions-oriented, scientific and global in scope.

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